Car Loans in Philadelphia (PA)

Car Loans Philadelphia PA

Do you know that around 70 percent of new cars and trucks are financed? If you aren’t one of the few shoppers who can pay cash, you need to apply for auto loans.

Sadly, this is one of the toughest eras in our country’s history to finance a car, on account of the economic crisis.

This is exactly why we created our Approval Maximization Engine (AME). Once you apply online, our software connects with our network of Pennsylvania finance companies to locate the one which best suits your needs.

Actually, we don’t even get compensated unless your application gets pre-approved by a bank, dealer, or other loan provider in our network for your Philadelphia, PA auto loan. As you can see, getting your application approved for the auto loan in Philadelphia, PA you need is fundamental to our success.

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Car Payments For Philadelphia Consumers

The average income for Pennsylvania residents is $43,239, and among Philadelphia shoppers it’s $18,140. Most finance companies recommend that you spend only 36% of your monthly debt payment, which averages out to $293. Monthly debt payments may include:

  • Home Loans/Rent
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Car And Truck Loans

The loan amount this represents depends on a lot of factors:

  • Interest Rates
  • Length of Term
  • Credit Ratings
  • Etc…

Auto Loans Philadelphia PA

Buying a Car with Poor Credit in Philadelphia, PA

Have a bad credit score and need a car loan? Don’t get discouraged. After all, you aren’t the only one. Yes, the average credit score in Pennsylvania is 696, but 455,415 people who live in Philadelphia are handicapped by poor credit, which is 30 percent!

If you want bad credit auto loans, our Approval Maximization Engine (AME) is perfect.

When you apply online through our Approval Maximization Engine, you are maximizing your odds of getting accepted.

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No Cosigner Car Loans in Philadelphia, PA

Even though cosigners may not be mandatory, not having your auto loan cosigned may make it a great deal more difficult to get the loan you need with bad credit. But bear in mind that cosigning a car loan is a big responsibility;, if you can’t make your monthly payments, the loan company will have the legal right to call for payment from your co-signer. Aside from that, did you know that the loan will pop up on the cosigner’s credit history? Consequently, you should only ask a trusted loved one to cosign your auto loan.

No Money Down Car Loans

You can find no down payment dealerships in Philadelphia, PA. But here’s the question you have to ask yourself: not can you get a no down payment auto loan, but is it the best idea, in terms of equity?

Far too many of our nation’s consumers owe more on their vehicles than they are actually worth. A payment in advance will keep you from being upside down on your loan. If you’d like an auto loan with bad credit, you might have no alternative but to provide a payment in advance.

No Credit Check Car Lots in Philadelphia, PA: Be Warned!

Buy here pay here dealers have been springing up in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. In reality, it’s quite logical. These types of car dealerships meet the needs of folks who’ve got terrible credit, and even people needing car financing in Philadelphia, PA, following chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, property foreclosure, or even repossession. Whereas a bank or investment company would immediately refuse these loan applicants, but a buy here pay here or your job is your credit car lot can grant a car loan for a used car (for a price). The rates of interest tend to be excessively high, and the potential risk of negative equity is fairly significant. We can help you find finance companies who finance people with bad credit on a regular basis.

Auto Loans Philadelphia PA

Car Loan Documents

  • Proof of Salary
  • Proof of Home Address
  • Proof of Car Insurance
  • Vehicle Information
  • Pennsylvania Drivers License

These documents are required for car loans in Pennsylvania. Make sure to ask your lender for additional information.