No Credit Check Auto Loans – A Bad Idea?

Every day hundreds of consumers search for no credit check auto loans on the search engines, but are these truly a good idea?  While there may exist a handful of shady car lots that don’t check your credit, they will no doubt charge you excessive interest rates to cover the added risk of extending credit to someone with an unknown credit reputation.  Furthermore, most of the “no credit check” promises you see on the web are false advertising, plain and simple. Just go to their application forms — without fail they require you to opt-in to a credit check.

Any reputable lender or car dealership will require that you let them see your credit report.   That’s just how the industry works.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t get approved, even if you have poor or no credit history — especially if you apply for your auto loan through

Why You Don’t Want a No Credit Check Car Loan

If you are able to find an auto loan with no credit check, you should be aware that all of your hard work making the monthly (or weekly) payments will do nothing to build or repair your credit. The loan will almost certainly not be reported to the 3 major credit bureaus, and paying back an auto loan is one of the very best things you can do to increase your credit score.

So in all actuality, if you have bad or no credit, the very last thing you want to do is buy a car with no credit check. Not only will you be at a higher risk for predatory interest rates and scams, you’ll be missing a very big opportunity to improve your credit standing.

No Credit, or No Credit Check?

Many people are looking for no credit check car loans because they’re afraid lenders will reject them as soon as they see their credit report. At, however, we can help you find a no credit car loan in just a few minutes.  The same goes for bad credit and no cosigner auto loans.  When you submit your application via our online system, we use sophisticated technology to find you a lender in our vast nationwide network of dealers, banks, credit unions, and finance companies — many of whom are willing to work with less-than-perfect credit.

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