No Credit Car Loans

No Credit Car Loan
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Establishing credit can be difficult. In order to build a favorable credit profile, you need to take on debts and/or lines of credit and repay them in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, many financial institutions are unwilling to work with first-time borrowers. They simply don’t want to deal with the risk of working with an “unknown quantity,” as it were.

We Can Help

Fortunately, we’ve been helping people establish their credit through auto financing for years. Despite what you may have heard, auto loans for people with no credit are not impossible to get. Sure, your life would be easier if you already had stellar credit – but whose wouldn’t? We can help you get approved and into a new or used car. But traditional lenders mean traditional loans, so a local bank is not the ideal place to begin your search — without credit, the odds are bleak.

The System

Instead, you can utilize’s advanced matching engine to find the optimal lender, one willing to finance your purchase. You see, we have relationships with hundreds of auto finance companies and dealers across the nation, many of whom have first-time buyer programs for applicants just like yourself. They have every motivation to get you into the driver’s seat. After all, unless loans are being funded and cars sold, they don’t turn a profit.

When you apply with us, we make every effort to place your application with a lender who fits your needs. This could be either an auto finance company or a dealer with a first-time car buyer program. Not every dealer and lender works with such “special finance” scenarios, and it’s hard to tell from the outside which do and don’t. That’s why a service like ours gives you such an advantage. You simply apply once – online – and rest assured knowing you’ll be matched with a lender whose approval criteria match your credit profile.

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How to Get a Car Loan with No Credit

Car Loans with No Credit
Find Your Car Lender Today, No Credit OK!

Many consumers who have not had sufficient time to build a credit history are students, first time car buyers, and people who have not yet applied for a credit card or installment loan of some kind. While not having credit is not as negative as poor credit, it does increase lender risk for the simple fact that you, as an applicant, represent an unknown quantity to them.

With our insight into how lenders think, we’d like to offer you several guidelines that will enhance your odds of approval, minimize your auto loan rates, and improve your financing experience in general.

  • Get a Cosigner: a cosigner can vouch for your creditability in the absence of your history.
  • Offer a Down Payment: putting money down or trading in a vehicle alleviates risk for your lender or dealer financing company.
  • Be Willing to Go with a Secured Loan: with a secured loan, the vehicle itself is used as a form of collateral in the event that you become unable to make your payments.

Each of these factors is aimed to set your lender’s mind at ease over your lack of credit, thereby increasing your odds of approval. That said, these guidelines are not mandatory. has partnered with one of the largest national networks of lenders, finance companies, and dealerships who are waiting for your auto loan application, no credit no problem.

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I Have No Credit. Do I Really Need a Cosigner?

This really depends on a case by case basis. If you have a regular monthly income of $1250-1500 before taxes, and you can show proof of income for this, then a cosigner may not be necessary. However, if you cannot meet this income standard, we will have a difficult time placing your application with a lender.

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