How Big of a Car Loan Can I Get?

When you decide that getting a loan for a new or used car is the right decision for you, the next step is deciding the size of the loan; this is no easy task. However there are some rules that can help guide you on choosing the appropriate size car loan for you. Maximum Allowable […]

Will a Car Loan Hurt My Credit?

A new car loan, or any new loan for that matter, will negatively impact your credit score for a short period of time. Luckily, that short term drop in your score will reverse itself within 60 days. After 12  on-time payments, your score will increase above its pre-loan level. The initial drop comes from two […]

Can You Get a Car Loan with No License?

Getting a car loan without a drivers license is difficult. While a valid license is not required per se, it is one of the documents that you will be asked to produce during the application process. The Risks of Lending to an Unlicensed Individual Many lenders will not approve a car loan unless someone in […]

Can You Finance a Used Car for 60 Months?

Auto lending terms have been getting longer in recent years. Today, the average new car is financed for 64 months. But what about pre-owned vehicles? Can you get a 60 or 72 month auto loan for a used car? Firstly, yes: it is possible. But whether you will be able to do so depends on […]

Salvage Title Car Loans

New Product From Experian Shedding Light On Damaged Vehicles Experian Automotive, a division of the credit rating firm, is offering a new product to lenders. The  AutoCheck Market Review product provides improved research assistance for companies originating car loans by combining the AutoCheck vehicle history tool with AutoCount, a resource that gives background on market […]