Perks of Having Some Wheels

  When it comes to our cars, there is one word, above all others, that comes to mind, and that one word is “freedom.” And, that makes a ton of sense. After all, getting your driver’s license and your first car feels a lot like a baby bird learning to fly and leaving the nest. […]

Honda Fit EV Lease Price Sliced by One-Third

Honda has slashed the monthly leasing price of its diminutive Fit electric vehicle from $389 to $259. This one-third reduction is offered with a three-year lease that has the additional benefits of having collision coverage, free routine maintenance, a free home charging station, requiring no down payment, and having no mileage limitations. The move was […]

Mercedes-Benz Giving 3,000 Euro Discounts to German Customers

The war for German car buyers is on with Mercedes-Benz offering customers up to EUR3,000 ($3,900) trade-in deals in order to pump up its sales. This incentive is basically the same deal that the French automaker Renault has offered to buyers of its Megane compact. However, the Americans are firing the truly big guns with […]

BMW Chasing Mercedes with Lease Incentives

BMW is letting lessees of most of its 2010 model-year cars out of their leases early in an effort to clear out inventories. Up until October 31, lessees of many 2010 BMW models can leave their leases three months early if they are going to purchase a new or certified previously-owned model with the financing […]

Summer’s Greatest Car Clearance Deals

Historically, the end of summer has been when the greatest car deals can be found since this is when dealers need to clear their lots for the soon-to-arrive next year’s models. Things are no different in 2012. Because of this, a careful shopper can find low prices, financing deals and incentives galore. Talking about this, […]

Gas Retailer Uses Social Media To Reduce Your Fuel Burden

Murphy Oil is often associated with Wal-Mart. Well, that is because you will not find one unless it is near a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club. Lately, the company has been tapping into social media outlets in order to ease you burden at the pump. During the first week of May, Murphy Oil offered a coupon […]

Even Auto Loans are Going Green

Banks and credit unions have found a great way to go green by offering green auto loan incentives. This means that customers purchasing hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles are privy to lower interest rates. Getting Greener Everyday For some lenders, green auto loans are nothing new, but so many lenders hopping on the bandwagon, they […]

Toyota 0% Financing Extended

In March, Toyota began an aggressive campaign to win back recent sales lost to their multimillion-vehicle recalls.  The heart of this campaign centered on 0% financing offers for most models, as well as 2-years free maintenance and various cash-back incentives.  Many other automakers followed suit. If you were on the fence about taking advantage of […]