Buying a New Car? Protect Yourself and Your Investment

Consumers are increasingly being taken advantage of by car dealers and unscrupulous lending practices. Car dealers take advantage of potential buyers by allowing them to take a vehicle home before the loan is finalized. Car buyers are putting themselves at risk of paying higher than quoted rates on loans, having their trade-in sold and losing […]

Chrysler Capital formed by Chrysler and Santander

Chryster Capital is being formed by Chrysler Group LLC and Santander Consumer USA Inc. to provide vehicles loans to the customers. Chryster Group LLC agreed to stop the service of past auto loans provider Ally Financial Inc. This cooperation will at least last for 10 years according to the agreement. The two companies will shoulder […]

The Top 5 “Must-Buy” Cars of 2013

Don’t you worry none If you are having a tough go at deciding which five of this year’s bevy of new cars you should buy. Forbes has done the tire kicking and test driving for us all and has identified which five cars you simply have got to buy. They are: Let’s start with the […]

Drowsy Driving Deadly Dangerous Declares New CDC Report

More than 4% of all drivers may have fallen asleep behind the wheel within the past 30 days according to a report just released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report detailed the responses of 147,076 adult drivers given to a telephone survey given by CDC in 19 states. Of this […]

New Products From SEMA 2013

Didn’t make it to Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show this year? You weren’t alone, but you did miss a lot of really cool stuff. There were plenty of tricked out rides like the 65 Dodge D200 sitting in the ICON booth or the 44 Willys SAS presented by Mark Smith. You […]

“Tiger-Nose” Schreyer Overseeing Kia, Hyundai Global Design Strategy

I’ll have two of whatever magical elixir that Peter Schreyer has been drinking. After all, that guy has been on quite a tear. Just two weeks after being made the president of Kia Motors, Schreyer has been named the president of Hyundai Motor Group. In his newest role, Schreyer will oversee the global design strategy […]

Captive Finance Companies Respected by Top Auto Execs

Top-ranking auto executives are coming to respect Captive finance companies more and more according to the most-recent KPMG survey. Talking about this, Gary Silberg, Chicago-based national automotive industry leader for KPMG, said, “Captive finance is becoming an increasingly important part of the value proposition for consumers and OEMs alike. We continue to see significant investment […]

Cost of Driving to Increase for All Americans

Continuing their assault on the rich, the middle class, and especially the poor, the lawmakers in the U.S. are working out ways of charging drivers for each mile that they drive. The call for a mileage tax is being made in state capitals and in Washington D.C. as cars become more fuel efficient resulting in […]

2012: Banner Year for Auto Sales with 14.5 Million Sold

2012 was a tremendous year for auto sales in America with 14.5 million units being moved in the nation, a year-over-year jump of 13%. These numbers represent the greatest number of cars sold in five years. December, a one-twelfth microcosm of the year, was a healthy month with nearly 1.5 million light trucks and cars […]

10 Cars That Sell in 18 Days or Less

It seems that each model year features a car that sells much faster than it is produced. Selling out a particular model is every automakers dream. It creates both demand and profit. Most cars sit on a dealers lot for at least 60 days prior to sale, but each of the vehicles on this list […]