Used-Car Sales in March Shoot Past 3 Million, First Time in 11 Years

We’re back baby! The financial nightmare is over for March used-car sales topped three million for the first time since March 2002. About 3.7 million used cars were sold in America in the month, a hefty 37 percent jump from the 2.7 million sold in March of last year, and a 19 percent increase from […]

Euro’s Auto Industry Staggers as Germany’s Car Sales Plunge

“Nien! Nien! Nien!,” is the cry from the German auto industry as new car sales in the once-proud nation plunged by more than 10 percent year-over-year in February. The woes of our Teutonic friends are the same weigh heavily on the bowing backs of the rest of our European cousins. If there’s one thing we […]

Tesla Offers New Lease-Like 66-Month Car Loan

Tesla Motors has introduced a new 66-month car loan to entice prospective buyers to pull the trigger and buy a $62,000+ all-electric sedan that is powered by batteries that may or may not last 66 months. However, proving that Tesla is not your grandmother’s electric carmaker, its new car loan comes with a personal guarantee […]

Fitch Rates VW Auto Loan AAA

Fitch Ratings is bullish on Volkswagen’s auto loan programs. Specifically, the financial rating organization graded Volkswagen Auto Loan Enhanced Trust 2011-1: Class A-3 at AAAsf, outlook stable and Class A-4 at AAAsf, outlook stable. Fitch’s ratings are based upon the quality of car companies’ retail loan originations along with the strength of the legal and […]