Perks of Having Some Wheels

  When it comes to our cars, there is one word, above all others, that comes to mind, and that one word is “freedom.” And, that makes a ton of sense. After all, getting your driver’s license and your first car feels a lot like a baby bird learning to fly and leaving the nest. […]

Motorcycle Stoppie Trainer

The article describes a training device for motorcyclists attempting to learn a particular stunt. This stunt, called a stoppie, involves stopping so that the back wheel is raised from the ground. The training device hooks onto the bike, somewhat similar to training wheels, allowing the driver to practice without fear of flipping the vehicle. Read […]

Porsche Pajun: Motor in the Rear, 911-Style?

We finally have a little news on the still-in-development seventh model from Porsche, codename Pajun. Porsche is known for having a rear-engine layout on the 911 models, even while changing gears on other styles, but Autocar hints that Pajun may just feature that same layout. Called eMSB, they’re reportedly preparing a modified version of Volkswagen […]

PF Faves: Money, it Ain’t the Only Cost of Being in Debt

Debt is costly beyond simply the money that is owed. A great new post over at Money Beagle details how debt impacts opportunity, freedom, happiness, sleep, and your overall net worth. Owing money can keep you from spending on something you may need or want, or something such as an investment that could improve your […]

CFPB Encouraging Consumers to Ask the Dealer for their “Buy Rate”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is encouraging car-buying consumers to ask their dealers more questions, specifically about auto loans. The CFPB is advocating that consumers ask dealerships for something called a “buy rate” on their auto loan. Cutting through the jargon, a buy rate can be understood as the rate the lender offers to the […]

How Big of a Car Loan Can I Get?

When you decide that getting a loan for a new or used car is the right decision for you, the next step is deciding the size of the loan; this is no easy task. However there are some rules that can help guide you on choosing the appropriate size car loan for you. Maximum Allowable […]

CFPB to Lose Highly Regarded Assistant Director

Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rick Hackett officially announced that he will be leaving his position by the end of the month. Hackett has been a very visible CFPB official at industry events and has been an active participant at many industry conferences and press gatherings. During his time in office, Hackett […]

An Improving Outlook For Young Car Buyers

It appears that car shoppers aged 18-34 are becoming a larger group in car sales this year. This can be attributed to an improving economy. This is a promising sign for the economy, because some analysts believed this group would remain relatively small due to a decreased amount of driver’s licenses in this group, and […]

Auto Loans Increased 6% in 2012

Auto loans are making a comeback, increasing over 6% last year alone. Auto finance companies are making more loans and leases, helping consumer purchase more cars. Ally Financial moved past Toyota Motor Credit Corp. to claim the No. 1 spot in the ranking with $67.3 billion of loans and leases outstanding. For the full top […]