Perks of Having Some Wheels


When it comes to our cars, there is one word, above all others, that comes to mind, and that one word is “freedom.” And, that makes a ton of sense. After all, getting your driver’s license and your first car feels a lot like a baby bird learning to fly and leaving the nest. It’s a paradigm shift as your world opens up to you nearly instantaneously.You can go anywhere and do anything, within reason, and that can really feel like the incarnation of freedom. There are many things that owning a car allows us to do, and that can ripple outward to radically change our lives for the better. Here are some examples.

First and foremost, having a car enables you to more easily get in shape. For starters, having a car allows you to get to the gym whenever you want, so you’ll have high tech workout gear available to your more consistently and, thus, get more bang for your buck with a membership with 24 Hour Fitness. Another way in which it can help you get in shape is by allowing you to drive to a nearby football field, while there’s no game going on, of course, to go for a job around the perimeter. Or, you could take a drive to a hiking trail and start your hike in the best way and place possible. There are other ways having a car at your disposal can enable you to get fit, as well, but you get the idea.

Using your car for recreation is another pro of having a set of wheels. For example, rounding up your crew for a night on the town, dinner and movie, is a great way to spend a friday night after work or school. Likewise, a road trip makes for a great pastime and a great way to bond with loved ones, and your car allows you to do that. Of course, having a car also allows you to take the occasional relaxing drive if you just need to relax and unwind. Again, the possibilities here are endless, but it’s up to you to find some other ways to use your car to enable you to have some fun and unwind.