Porsche Pajun: Motor in the Rear, 911-Style?

We finally have a little news on the still-in-development seventh model from Porsche, codename Pajun.

Porsche is known for having a rear-engine layout on the 911 models, even while changing gears on other styles, but Autocar hints that Pajun may just feature that same layout. Called eMSB, they’re reportedly preparing a modified version of Volkswagen Group’s MSB platform. The setup has the battery and electric motors at the back and each back wheel receives it’s own separate power, which allows for torque vectoring. It’s estimated that it will generate 420 hp.

Autocar also tells us it’s aesthetically inspired by the Panamera Sport Turismo concept and could launch around 2018.

Though most of the talk is recent, there have been rumors out for some time. Older snippets hinted at the possibility of a 300-mile range and all-wheel-drive layout with 600hp.

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