Ford Winning Market Share on the U.S. Coasts


Ford Motors Co., most likely the most iconic automaker out of the Detroit Big Three, is not only enjoying a resurgence in America’s heartland, but also on both the West and East Coast.

In the five years since Ford refused to take an auto bailout from the Feds, the company that Henry built has picked up two percentage points in sales on both coasts. To accomplish this in California, a state full of Toyota-lovers, Ford had to turn away from its traditional gas-powered rides to offer a line of fuel efficient vehicles. That said, Toyota, the planet’s largest automaker, still pulled down 19.2 percent of new vehicle sales in the Golden state in the first of five months of the year. Although its market share continued to increase, Ford earned 9.5 percent, while General Motors took in less than 6 percent.

So far this year, Ford has experienced a 35 percent increase in sales in California thanks, in large part, due to the Ford Fusion.