Guidelines For Helping At A Crash Scene

The article provides a basic, common sense guide for reacting to, and assisting at, the scene of a vehicle accident. Initial advice includes slowing to assess the severity of the collision and whether it is necessary to stop and render assistance, with an emphasis placed on seeing to your own safety and leaving room for emergency vehicles when they arrive on the scene.

If the victims of the accident require assistance, details are given about how to proceed, including wearing highly visible clothing and calling emergency services and giving a clear and concise description. Also addressed is how to evaluate the condition of the victims and how best to assist them until emergency crews can get there.

After the victims are tended to, further information is conveyed on how to help in tertiary ways, such as seeing to the continuing flow of traffic and offering eyewitness accounts to police officers and Emergency Medical Technicians who may require such information on the spot.

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