Who We Are

MyCarLender.com has been in business since 2010, and our team has more than a decade of combined experience in the automotive industry. We’ve been developing our technology and industry relationships for years, and the result is a first-rate, impeccably-professional service with a very high success rate. We can now boast a 90+ percent approval rate for our clients: one of the highest in the industry. And we keep our promises: we work hard to get you behind the wheel of a new or used car, often on the same day you apply!

How We Work

When you apply for an auto loan through our secure application system, our cutting-edge mapping engine goes to work behind the scenes, placing your application with the best lender in our network given your unique credit profile and finances. If multiple lenders want to fund your purchase, they compete for your loan. That means you end up with the bank, credit union, dealer, or finance company who wants your business most. This translates to better service and lower rates. Did we mention that our lender network is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the nation?

What if I Have Credit Problems?

The MyCarLender.com service is especially beneficial for consumers with poor credit, no credit, or even past or current bankruptcy, as we work with car lenders that cater to nearly any financial scenario you can imagine. The odds of finding just the right lender for your situation would be truly slim without the matchmaking technology and vast spectrum of lending specialists we offer.

We can often put you in touch with a finance professional who is an expert in your particular credit situation within just a few minutes.

Approval Criteria

Each of the lenders in our network has their own approval requirements. However, ideal applicants have the following:

  • Weekly Income of $375 Before Taxes ($1500 per month)
  • Maximum Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) of 50 Percent
  • Minimum 12 Months with Current Employer
  • Minimum Down Payment of 10 Percent

If you meet these guidelines, we can nearly guarantee that we can get you financed, even if your credit has seen better days. If you do not meet these requirements, we still encourage you to apply. We may have a lender who is willing to work with you, especially if you can get your loan cosigned by a family member who has good credit.

Am I Obligated to Accept this Loan?

In short: no. There are no obligations or commitments for using our service. It will take us between 10 minutes and 48 hours to place your application. Then your dealer or lender will contact you directly with the full details about your pre-approved loan: maximum value, interest rate, down payment, vehicle options, and more. If you do not want to accept this offer, you are under no obligation to do so. You can simply re-apply if you wish, or finance your purchase in some other way.